Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tyler's Birthday

Last Saturday, we celebrated Tyler's ninth birthday! Since I have been so busy at work, I didn't make his cake from scratch or even get him a birthday present! He really wanted to go see "Lightning Thief" so we all went and he was able to take a friend. It really was a good movie and he loved it! On Saturday, we went down to Layton and let him pick out his own present at Toys R Us. He decided to get a small Lego Star Wars set and the Sorry Sliders game. We ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Ogden and came home to eat cake and ice cream. Last year was his big party so it was nice to just have a low key day.
Tyler is so excited now that he is a Bear in scouts. That also means that Eric is his one of his scout leaders!

Tyler's friend gave him this laser tag set. He loved it! I just had to take a pic of these two monkeys!

As I said earlier, things at work have been crazy. I do like my job and it is pretty much what I was doing before. They hired a nurse to help me out so I am hoping that in a couple of weeks I can cut down. This new job has been a change for us but I am so thankful that I was able to find one so quick! We are truly blessed! Eric has had to pick up a little slack and has been amazing! He is such an awesome husband. I come home to a clean house and he does great at keeping up on it, doing carpool, etc.