Monday, September 22, 2008

Grandma's Funeral

This past week Eric flew to Phoenix for his Grandma's funeral. It was a quick trip but he was happy to see his family and be able to go to the funeral. I wish that I could go but it was just so expensive and so hard to leave with all that the kids have going on. Here are some pics of Grandpa and the Haskell clan together.

I missed having Eric home but it really wasn't that different without him since he's been working so much lately.(and sleeping) Eric and I worked in the yard almost all Saturday and I finally planted in my boxes in our park strip. The only thing left is an area in the backyard where we are attempting to put in a waterfall. We will see how it goes. Tyler only has one more football game this Saturday! Thank goodness! I won't get much relief since basketball starts this week. I am very glad that it isn't near as competitive. I asked Tyler if he was happy or sad that football is almost over. He replied, "I wish I could play football all year round." Thank goodness it doesn't!
This is my third week of working out at 5am with some neighbor friends. I am surprised at how much I enjoy it and how far I've come in a short time. Last week I had to miss a day due to Eric being gone. By 10 am I was having such anxiety about not working out that I ended up hopping on our treadmill. It definitely isn't the same since I had to get off once to wipe Kenadie's butt, talk on the phone (thanks to Kenadie answering it and bringing it to me) about a patient, and keep yelling at Easton for getting too close to the treadmill. It is just so much easier to get up and work out without any distractions.
I am very excited about this week since I have scrapaway! It will be very crazy until I leave. Tyler has basketball practice, football practice everyday, and a game on Saturday. Kenadie has preschool on Tuesday and Thursday and has the snack bucket, Kylie has Kindergarten everyday and I need to finish buying her dance stuff, the girls and I all have to go to the dentist tomorrow, and I have to work, get a haircut, pedicure, finish getting my photo's uploaded, do laundry, get all my scrapbook stuff together, and pack. Whew! I'm tired just thinking about it. Well, off I go!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Having Fun

We finally celebrated our anniversary this past Friday. It was my turn to plan it so I had my mom come over and watch the kids. Eric just thought we were going on a date but did I have a surprise for him! I blindfolded him and off we went. He kept asking me where we were going and he was getting really nervous. I took him to the golf course so we could go hit balls but they had just closed:( Eric felt bad and told me he thought I was going to take him to get a pedicure! He really does need one though. After that we went to his favorite place to eat, El Toro. We walked on the Logan River Walk, got an ice cream cone, and drove around. Then I blindfolded him again and when I took it off we were at the Anniversary Inn. He was so excited! We stayed in the Swiss Family Robinson room and it was so fun. I think it was my favorite room so far. We loved the huge tub, waterfall shower, and especially the twinkling star lights. We slept with those on all night and you really felt like you were outside. It was the perfect amount of time to get away and a big thanks to my mom.

Afer we got home on Saturday, it was time for another football game. It was down in Clearfield and I'm so glad it was the last away game. It was a good game and the younger kids loved the playground. Sky View won and Tyler had fun which is important. Only two more weeks then it's on to basketball. I tried to kind of talk Tyler out of basketball but he insisted on playing. Thank goodness it's not as competitive.

A side note: My sister directed me to this really cool website on different ways to do your girls hair. Its Check it out!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Kenadie was so excited for preschool on Tuesday. It was actually her second day but I forgot to take a picture. Bad mom. Anyways, she looked cute and had to pick out a new shirt for school.

Since I was taking Kenadie's pic then all the kids had to get in on it!

After I dropped Kenadie off yesterday, Easton and I decided to do some shopping at Walmart. What an amazing experience! I only had one kid! It has been 5+ years since I've done that and it was so much easier. My sister is having her baby today! She is being induced and hopefully all will go smooth. She is the ultimate birthing machine, 5 kids in 7 years! She always has smooth labors and large babies. (usually 81/2-9 lbs) I'm glad it's her and not me:)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Same Old, Same Old

Nothing really exciting has happened the past week. Just regular life. I have been trying to cut down a little at work and I could really tell a difference this week. I just kept feeling like I didn't have enough time to keep on top of the house cleaning, laundry, paperwork, and try to find time for myself. Now with the two eldest in school and Kenadie in preschool it just seems like I'm always running them around, doing homework, driving to practice, etc. etc. I finally managed to get some of my fall decorations up and I think it looks pretty good-another thing off of my list! Kenadie started preschool at the sports academy on Thursday and I can't believe I forgot my camera! She had a great time and I hope she will not be so shy. Tyler had a football game on Saturday and even though they lost it was a good game. I have a hard time watching it because I can't always find Tyler in the pile of blue jersey's. We tried to get some yard work done with wood chips but it just seems like there is never enough time. So, I have a large pile in my driveway and I'm guessing it will stay there until Eric has another day off. I'm sorry this post is especially boring! One last thing. Yesterday I went to the gym with my awesome neighbor Stacey. I had not exercised in about six months, gross! Stacey and I did treadmill for 30 minutes and weights for another 30. Stacey kicked my butt and she didn't even laugh at me! We are going tomorrow at 5am. Yes that is extremely early but it seems like the only time we can do it. Wish me luck!

Monday, September 1, 2008

First Day of Kindergarten, Rainy Days

Kylie was so excited for Kindergarten to start on Thursday. We all walked her to her class and she just went right in, put her backpack up, and talked to her teacher. The next day Kylie said, "I don't want you to take me to my class." I guess she is getting too old for that:) Now I have two kids in school!

When it started to rain yesterday, my kids wanted to go play in it, of course! They had so much fun splashing in the puddles. I was folding laundry, watching from the window, when I looked out and saw my kids barefoot, filling their shoes with water and dumping it on their heads. I let them play for awhile then they all had hot showers and hot chocolate. It was kind of nice for a change but I still love summer.