Monday, April 21, 2008

Easton turns two!

Two years ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. He was the only one of the four that was born head first. (All of them were c-sections) My pregnancy consisted of morning sickness til the sixth month and many puking's on the side of the road. But he was well worth it. Now he is two! How fast time flies. Here is a few pics:

For Easton's birthday we went out to eat, had cake, and opened presents. He got a gun, a couple of shirts, jacket, candy, and a leap frog toy that goes on the fridge. Grandma and Grandpa sent money. It was quiet but a fun evening.

It is a little sad to think that this is my last baby I will ever have but on the same hand it's wonderful. We will be getting rid of the crib soon, hopefully potty training this year, and bottles are a thing of the past. Now I'm just excited to see our kids grow up and develop into young adults.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Well, we've been back for a few days after a relaxing vacation. Everything went really well. We we're worried about getting to the cruise ship in time but we made it in LA traffic. Then when we got there, they wouldn't accept my hospital birth certificate. So luckily my mom was home and faxed it there. Once on the boat we sat in the sun and just enjoyed no kids. We went with our friends Crystal and Chase and Mandy and Lance. We had a good time and got along well. They are always good entertainment, especially Mandy:) We did lots of fun things like bingo, kareoke, Quest game, and comedian. I gambled a little bit but didn't win much. In Ensenada we shopped and had a really cheap meal:) It was so warm, about 85 degrees. On Monday, after we got off the ship, we headed to Venice beach. We found shells on the beach for the kids, went to all the little shops, and watched the beautiful waves. The only down side was that Eric lost his cell phone and we were so tired from lack of sleep. It has taken a couples of days for the motion of the boat to go away. The worst part was the plane ride and all of the turbulance. It was an awesome trip and I'm already planning the next trip!For some reason it won't let me post pics so I will try later.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ensenada Baby!

Well after four days of major spring cleaning we are ready to go on vacation. Eric ended up not working this week so we had several days together to do one of my favorite things. Organize. I went through every single linen closet, coat closet, laundry room cabinets, kids rooms,etc. We moved our toys from under the stairs to in our "guest" room or otherwise known as "grandma Pat's room." We went to ikea on tuesday and bought a sturdy table and chairs and a marker/chalk easel. The kids love it! We got rid of so many bags of garbage and took a van load of stuff to the D.I. I am so excited for warmer weather! It seems like it is never going to get warm here. I just wanted to cry when it started to snow today. Well, I better mop the floors and finish packing. I will post when we get back!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

10 Days Off!

I am so excited- I don't have to work for ten whole days! I can't remember the last time that happened. Maybe when I had Easton. We don't leave for our cruise until Friday but I took the whole week off. I really want to get some deep cleaning done and just things that I really don't have time for when I'm working. So here is my to do list: organize all of the kids closets, clean all of the blinds, clean all of my baseboards, do paint touch up on all of the dings, maybe get family pics taken at kiddie kandids, clean all of my bathroom's, do all of the floors, and scrapbook a little. Oh, and I have a list for Eric too. His is: clean/spray out garage, hang up some pics, put a 2nd rod in all of the kids closets, caulk around kids tub again,and I think that's all. He only has to work one more day. Is that enough? I did get started on my list yesterday and I did get a lot done. I cleaned all FOUR of our bathrooms, top to bottom. I got caught up on all of the laundry and vacuumed and did the usual daily cleaning. I finally organized our "corner". I think everyone has one in their house. A place where all of the papers, misc, junk goes. Ours is in our kitchen and it drives me crazy! So I couldn't take it anymore. Now for the usual updating.
Tyler started his very first season of soccer. I felt bad because most of the kids played last year. We were living in our apartment last year while the house was getting done and we missed the sign up deadlines. Tyler had a practice on thursday and I did surprisingly well. I think he may have some natural ability, I'm not just saying this because I'm his mom, yeah right! He had a game yesterday at 9am. It was sooooo cold! We all froze but he didn't seem to mind. He did get a few really good kicks and even got one close to the goal. He ran like crazy and when I asked him if he was tired he said, "naw." Oh to be young again. He had a lot of fun though and we are just hoping to expose him to a lot of different things and hopefully he will enjoy one of them. I kind of feel like a loser because I don't know anything about soccer. Oh well!
Now that it's warm again,my kids are enjoying the park and playing outside. I love it! I feel a little bit bad for Easton, since he's too young to go with them. I do take him over sometimes but not enough. Easton is a crazy two year-old and loves to climb. The other day he climbed on our counter in the bathroom and was spraying hairspray! He is fast! Kenadie always watches me put on my makeup every morning and I always tell her "don't touch mommies makeup." It is the powder kind that I got in California and it is expensive. Well, I went to grab the phone and just as I started to talk I saw that Kenadie had opened one and it was everywhere! All over her face, shirt, my makeup bag, and counter. Poor Crystal, I just started yelling when I saw that.
I guess that's all for now. Have a great day!