Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Walk

One of our favorite traditions this time of the year is the pumpkin walk. The kids loved it and I even made them get some fall pics in. I think the pumpkin walk gets better every year. My favorite scene was the hospital. I loved the pumpkin on the operating table with seeds coming out of it and the old lady with the walker throwing up more seeds. I am excited for Halloween and to see all of the kids dressed up.

Doesn't he make the perfect Yoda

Friday, October 24, 2008

cute art

When my kids bring home art projects from school, I scan them and throw them away! I hate having papers everywhere. Then, I print the pictures and do a scrapbbok layout for the year. Here is some that Kylie has done so far this year: I especially love the halloween ghost!

Not to brag or anything, but I just finished my x-mas shopping for the kids today. I only have two relatives left then I will be done completely! I love being prepared:)

Monday, October 20, 2008

San Diego

This past week we took a family vacation to San Diego. We left tuesday morning at 3:30 and got into California about 4:30pm. The kids did really well and there was virtually no fighting, crying, etc. Thanks to Grandma Pat for sitting in back and keeping them entertained! I can't even count how many times I heard the words poo, pee, butt, fart, etc. On Wednesday we went to Seaworld and had fun all day seeing all of the animals and a few shows. They even have some rides now, which was a nice change. They had a whole Sesame Street area where young kids can play, bounce, and play in water.

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The second day we went to Legoland which was in Carlisbad, about 20 minutes away. None of us had ever been and I was pleasantly surprised. It was awesome! I highly recommend it if you have a few young kids. It had only a couple of rides that Kenadie wasn't tall enough to ride on. Easton was able to go on a good amount and the kids loved it! We really needed two days to do everything but we managed to get in most of it. That night Grandma was nice enough to watch the kids in the hotel room so we could go out to eat by ourselves. We went to Red Lobster and it was wonderful!
The last day we went on a Harbor cruise, saw a model train museum (which Easton loved), went to science museum, and to Eric's Aunt's house for a bbq. We had a nice time visiting and the kids loved running around. The food was awesome and we are so grateful to have awesome relatives.
We came home Saturday but I could of stayed a couple of more days. Tyler asked if we could move there but I reminded him not everyday would be like that. It was a fun vacation and it is making me even more excited for DisneyWorld! We called it our dry run to see how the kids would handle the amusement parks, walking, food, etc. It went well but it is always nice to sleep in your own bed!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kylie's Dance

We had a busy couple of days. Friday is our "movie" night tradition. We usually get a movie at the redbox then pop popcorn and just veg on the couch. We watched "Ironman" and I loved it! I don't usually like those type of guy shows but it was really good. Kylie went to a dance camp today at Sky View. It's basically a fundraiser for the Vistauns. They teach the girls a dance, have lunch, and then perform it for the parents. Then, in two weeks, they will perform at half time.It was so cute to see the three year-olds. They had no clue what was going on but it was fun to watch. I couldn't believe how many girls were there! I would guess appr 200. We decided to be brave and attempt a movie again at the theater. If you remember the last time we went to "Indiana Jones" and ended up leaving halfway through. We went and saw "Wall E" and once again it was semi-torture. Easton didn't want to sit any longer after about 30 minutes and the Kenadie wasn't even watching it. Eric ended up taking the two younger ones for a drive the last 30 minutes of the movie. I thought it was really cute but Tyler stated Ironman was better. We got some exciting news yesterday! Eric is moving to the day shift, starting tomorrow! It was kind of out of the blue since it took six months for him to move last time. He will work the same days of the week just 4am-4pm. I think it will be better for him to be home at night and I will be able to work some evenings when Eric is working.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Busy with Kids

Tyler was so excited to receive this medal at his football banquet. He even wore it to school yesterday after much pleading.

Kylie started dance yesterday at a ladies house in Smithfield. She does a mixture of jazz, tap, and ballet. Kylie was so excited to get all of her dance gear on. She keeps asking when she can go back. I told her it's only once a week and she said she wants to go everyday.

A little video of Tyler playing basketball. He had four points this past game but did a really good job of passing to other kids. (I hate it when they have one kid that always takes the ball.)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

It's Finally Over!!!!!

Tyler had a basketball game on Tuesday and did pretty well. He scored eight points and I think it comes more naturally to him then some other sports. Either way we are glad he is doing something he enjoys.

Tyler had playoffs yesterday down in Roy. Needless to say, I was not thrilled to go. It was pouring rain and miserable with three little ones. Tyler's team won their first game and then we had to wait an hour until he played again. They played Roy in the semi-finals and when they had played each other during the season Roy killed us. The game was really awesome and close down to the very end. Tyler played the whole game on offense, which he was sooo happy about. He blocked really well and did his part. It came down to overtime and whoever got the most yardage in four plays wins. Sky View got 50 yards and Roy ended up just getting enough on the last play. It was such a good game and we are so proud of Tyler. I am glad that is over with but we still have a banquet tomorrow then we get to turn in all of his stuff.

We decided it was time to get Kylie off of training wheels. We thought it was going to be a big production but before Eric could put his tools away Kylie jumped on the bike and rode off. We both looked at each other in amazement! Who knew it was going to be so easy! Tyler took forever but I think he was just so afraid of getting hurt. Kylie has no fear and it worked to her advantage. We took Kenadie's training wheels off also but she will need a lot of work.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A busy but fun week

We had a busy week! I went to scrapaway with 12 other women, including my bf Crystal. I got a lot of scrapbooking done, ate wonderful meals, and even took a nap. It was awesome and we had a ton of fun, especially staying up until 3am talking. Kenadie also had her b-day. I can't believe my youngest daughter is four! She got a new baby complete with car seat and diaper bag, magic bottles, a Tinkerbell wallet and purse, a huge coloring pad with crayons, and money from Grandma & Grandpa Swanson. We had a fun day and even ate Kenadie's favorite meal, ramen noodles!

Tyler took this pic of us and I think it turned out pretty good, minus the dumb dog!

Kenadie wanted a pink cake-sorry about the sideways pic.

Kenadie with my mom.

Tyler started basketball last week. He is really enjoying it and has improved a great deal since last year. He had a game yesterday and scored 8 points. We are so proud of him.

Tyler had his final game at Sky View field on Saturday. I was so glad it is finally over then I found out they have playoffs! This Saturday will be the last of it. Tyler wishes he could keep playing but I keep reminding him he has basketball.