Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I have been slacking lately! The time just goes by so fast and before I know it, it's time to update again. A couple of weeks ago Eric and I got released from our primary teacher calling. We had been in two years but it really took me by surprise. It has been nice to have Eric at sacrament (he would come on his break from work to teach) and go to Sunday School and Relief Society again. I do miss the kids though. We already have new callings. Me working with the 8 & 9 year old girls on Faith In God award and Eric is a scout leader for the Bears. We also got a temple recommend again after nearly 7 years of not having one. (Or has it been longer????) Anyways, we are excited and look forward to going to the temple soon.
Last week I took the girls to Disney on Ice. It has been a tradition the past three years to go with just the girls and enjoy an evening together. I wasn't going to take the girls this year since I WAS supposed to take Kenadie to Disneyland. Since we ended up not doing that,due to illness, I thought it would be fun. It is quite expensive especially if you want to get good seats. We are trying to not spend as much so I never bought the tickets. Then about 3 days before the show I got an email from Travelzoo. They email the top 20 travel deals every week and a few tickets to shows. They had Disney on Ice tickets for half price! I got our tickets for $11 a piece and we sat in row 17. We ate at our favorite place, Costa Vida, and enjoyed a night together.

Today Kylie had surgery to get tubes put in her ears. She had it done about a year and a half ago. She complained of her right ear hurting one night and when I looked at her ear I could see that her tube had fallen out but was stuck in her ear canal. We went to the doc and he said she had another ear infection. After some antibiotics and three weeks we went back to find that she already had fluid behind her left ear and mucous behind her right. This morning we got up bright and early. Kylie did well but has thrown up a couple of times. I was able to watch the surgery on a TV and was shocked at all the pus in her right ear. Poor girl! Hopefully, she will feel better soon and should be able to go to school tomorrow.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween & Kylie's Room

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love all the kids dressed up and it's just fun! This year was Tyler's first year going without parents but he went with a big group of boys. I took the rest of them but only made it to the end of the road before Easton was done. After I took him home, the girls and I went all over the neighborhood. We were so tired when we got done. The girls got so much candy that it filled up their bags. We had to stuff it in our pockets and Kenadie used her witch hat to hold it.

We finally painted Kylie's room. I picked out the paint and surprised Eric. He wasn't too excited but it didn't take very long since one wall was already painted pink. I was going to do stripes but I never could decide on what I wanted so I just went with plain brown. This picture is on her little wall when you walk in.

I already had this board so all I did was add a little glitter spray. It's behind her door and it's nice for her to have a place to hang her purses and jackets.

We changed her room around and I really like it this way. I think it just opens it up.

I made these little frames with sayings on them. I just spray painted some frames I already had white. Then I used my cricut (love it) to cut out the letters. I already had the flowers so I just put them on the wall.

I got this shelf at Hobby Lobby for $8. I just painted and put glitter spray. I hung up her baby shoes and her outfit that she wore when she came home from the hospital in. I may add a thing or two later.

I really didn't buy too much. Mostly I used things from around the house or that was already in her room.

Now I want to redo the "play room" and my scrapbook room. I guess that is one good thing about the winter.....now I can concentrate on the inside of the house!