Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Good Weekend

I always look forward to the weekend! For several reasons: I don't have to work, Eric has Saturday off, no getting up early to get the kids ready for school, and it gives us a chance to go somewhere or catch up on projects at home. Eric worked early Saturday morning for overtime but was home by 10am. I had an appointment in town and then was able to run some errands. We were planning to do some yard work but it was raining/snowing. After we had a nap, we decided to go for a walk along the Logan River. I love walking around there because it is pretty, next to the golf course, and it has a nice wide paved trail. We walked a mile which is pretty good considering our kids. Kylie was whining, of course, by the end of it but we had a good time. The kids asked lots of questions and we got to see some wildlife. We were pretty cold by the end of it so we then ate some yummy soup at Grist Mill. We came home and watched the Jazz game. Even though the Jazz sucked it was still a good day. Sometimes it's fun to go places but sometimes I just like staying home and hanging out. On to another week!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Easton!

For Easton's birthday it was all about trains! He is in love with Thomas and worships him. He had a train cake and I bought him a train that morning at Walmart. He lost one of his trains in Colorado so I bought him a Thomas one that goes when you put a battery in it. Easton got a couple of train movies, sheet set of Thomas, two trains, and a mack truck with three race cars. Grandma and Grandpa Swanson gave him money that will go towards a bike and Grandpa Ray got him a savings bond. Thank You! It makes me sad to think that he is getting bigger everyday. Today I asked Eric, "Can't he just stay little?" I love that he calls me "Mon" instead of mom and gives me kisses whenever I ask. He is a true boy through and through. He loves to laugh if everybody is laughing even though he doesn't know why. He loves to follow the older kids and be my good helper. I just love him and I think the more kids you have the more you appreciate every stage because it doesn't last!

This is what Easton does all day-play with cars and trains.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Eric: Still working hard at Schreiber's. I feel so bad because he has to get up at 2:30am and by the time I'm waking up he's been at work for four hours! I love him getting home by 3:30pm. It makes time just fly by. I have many projects for him to do, one of them being our yard! It still is a work in progress.
Katie: Last week was a bit of a struggle. I wasn't feeling well again and on Tuesday I didn't even get dressed! I had very bad muscle aches, horrible sore throat, and headaches. I finally went to the doc on Wednesday and he put me on antibiotics. I am starting to feel better but my throat is still sore. I worked quite a bit last week and am anxious to get some spring cleaning done at home! Every day it seems my list gets longer and longer!
Tyler: He still loves school and is so excited to be in scouts. Next week they are hiking to the SV. He has been complaining of an earache on and off so I think I need to take him to the doc. He is excited to do coaches pitch this summer and has already started practicing.
Kylie: Every day Kylie tells me that she hates school but as soon as she is there she is fine. She just wants to play with friends all day everyday. She is getting to be quite the reader and does well in school despite her attitude. She is still taking dance and loves it. She is excited to do tee ball again and has been practicing as well.
Kenadie: Kenny loves preschool and swimming. She is our best swimmer and loves to jump off the side of the pool. She loves to play babies with Kylie and play at the park but she is a homebody. After a little bit of playing she'll come home and just want to be by me.
Easton: I can't believe he'll be three tomorrow! My baby is three? He loves to follow his siblings and play trains everyday. He has been going potty a little bit but nothing consistent. I really need to get him fully potty trained!

Monday, April 13, 2009


The kids were out for Spring Break so we made the trip to Colorado to see Eric's family. The kids did pretty well on the drive down but we did have to stop FOUR times to pee. Nobody threw up though! The kids loved swimming at the hotel and just hanging out with Grandma.

Look at these two old ladies!

Grandma had to work on Friday so the kids were trying to find some entertainment! These are Aunt Niki's from her work.

The kids enjoyed doing all of the Easter stuff especially dyeing eggs. The Easter Bunny even came to Grandma's house!

We went to the train station and watched the train coming into town from SLC. Easton was in heaven! They have a restaurant next to the train station called the PufferBelly. They had yummy food and lots of trains which Easton enjoyed looking at.

Uncle Chris works at the small airport in Grand Junction working on airplanes. He gave us a little tour and even let us get on some of the planes. Most of them are owned privately and you can't believe how nice they are! Seriously, who has that kind of money? Tyler especially loved it and asked lots of questions. It was very interesting.

We had a good time but it is always nice to be home. We only had to stop twice on the way home and seemed to make good time. I've spent all morning trying to catch up on laundry and putting stuff away!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Fever

Just thought I would post a cute picture! This is from March of last year when we went to Riverdale. Easton loved Tyler's goggles and didn't want to take them off.
This past week has been pretty normal. We had our first family home evening. I know it's a shock to all of you! We have been talking about how we need to start but then neither of us put forth the effort. We realize we need to keep it short and simple with all of the little kids so we are starting with Bible stories. They listened well and hopefully will remember some of it! Eric and I made a goal to go back to the Temple so we are working on it. It has been awhile since we went and I think we just need to be good examples for our children. I enjoyed listening to conference yesterday and had it on the radio and tv. I cleaned the house TOP to BOTTOM and went through the kids closets. I don't think my washer and dryer stopped all day. The best part was that I stayed in my lounge clothes all day.
We sold Tyler's old bedroom set on KSL! I love it! After they picked it up we had to go by a dresser. We have been looking for while but we wanted something that was sturdy and going to last awhile. We had looked everywhere but couldn't find anything to match his new headboard. We headed to Shopko for a last ditch effort and surprisingly we left with a new dresser and a chair for our room! I was so excited and they were both on sale!
My kids have been saying some interesting things lately. Kylie and Kenadie are especially into noticing certain things. Kenadie said, "I have nipples." I said, "Yes, everyone has nipples." Kylie said, "Even Jesus has nipples." Well, there you go! The kids are especially excited to go see Grandma Pat, Aunt Niki, and Uncle Chris this next week. I am too if we survive the drive!