Thursday, November 3, 2011


We celebrated our first Halloween in Arizona! It was different in the fact that it was 75 degrees and the kids didn't have to wear a jacket or coat. Queen Creek had a big "trunk or treat" at the community park that we went to and then the kids trick-or-treated around the neighborhood. They got oodles of candy and had fun. Tyler and Easton wanted to be ninja's, Kylie was supposed to be a corpse bride, and Kenadie was a butterfly. We even dressed up Riley in a witch costume, she looked so cute! (yes, I am one of those people :)

Life is as busy as ever, the kids are enjoying school and playing with friends. It is really starting to cool down here and it is so beautiful! I am now working 3 days a week and it is Heaven! I have some time during the week to clean and get things done. I enjoy my job and the patients. A lot of the snowbirds (that's what they call the people who live here during the winter months) have come back and we are getting busier. I also am serving in the young womens with the Beehives and do enjoy that.
Eric is working 4 10 hour shifts a week and doing online school plus scouts once a week. He will be going to the night shift at work but we are told it won't be for several months.
Tyler is in Middle School and is super excited to start basketball this next month. He is growing like a weed, he wears a size 7 in MENS, and is showing signs of being a teenager :)
Kylie loves school and is a straight A student. She has made many friends at school and has a really good friend that lives close by. She loves to learn how to cook and help me with the other kids. She loves doing cartwheels and summersaults and is talking about trying cheerleading. We will see....
Kenadie is a handful lately, very emotional about weird things, but has made some good friends. She loves to read and is in accelerated reading, math,and spelling at her school.
Easton is just a ball of energy. He loves Kindergarten and is way ahead of the normal at school. He is reading well and continues to keep us entertained with the things he says. He is starting soccer in January and is so excited. He still loves trains but has a new passion for Mario cart and making video's with Tyler on the ipod touch.
I am enjoying decorating/painting this house to make it feel like it's home. It is a work in progress and we have only touched the surface! We are looking forward to going to Las Vegas and St George for Thanksgiving and seeing family!