Thursday, March 27, 2008

Catch Up

This past week has been very busy and emotionally draining. Amy's funeral was last Friday and so many people were there. Her husband looked good considering the circumstances. It was hard to see her laying in the casket and it just made it even more real to me. The funeral was nice but the hardest part was seeing her four young kids. I am still working on her book and decided to put photo's that we found on her memory card in her digital frame of christmas.

Swim lessons are almost over, thank goodness! The kids love it but it is such a pain. I can't believe how good Kenadie is doing. She has picked it up faster than any other kid. It took Tyler forever just to put his head in the water.

I was cleaning and saw my two cuties sitting in our bed watching tv. Aren't they so cute? I just had to grab my camera.

For Easter we did the usual finding the hidden easter baskets. The kids got some candy, kites, Tyler got some star wars movies, the girls got watering pots and easter dresses, and sand toys. We went to my mom's and they got more candy. The kids are in heaven!

I am soooo ready for vacation! Only two more weeks!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Friend Amy

Yesterday and today has been really hard. I keep trying to wrap my brain around it and I just can't. Work is not the same without her. Today we had our staff meeting and it was the first time ever that she wasn't there. Everyone was crying and trying to make some sense out of it. Her obituary should be in the paper tomorrow and her funeral is friday. I am making a mini album for her family of some pictures of her and her kids. I will try to post pics later.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

In Loving Memory......

Sadly, this morning, I found out that my best friend in the office died last night.
She was 35. She had respiratory complications related to a recent surgery. She has four kids under the age of 12. This is devastating to our office and her family. She was our scheduler and was just an awesome person. I went to her for all of my problems and she always took the time to listen. She will be missed so much. At times like these I feel guilty for having the life I do. I have a wonderful, healthy husband and four healthy kids. We have stable jobs that we both like and a house to live in. I just have to keep telling myself that she is free of illness now and at peace. Pls remember her in your prayers and especially for her husband and children.

Monday, March 17, 2008

spring fever

I'm sure that I can speak for everyone when I say I'm ready for spring. I'm not a winter person and I hate being cold. I love when the kids can play outside, school's out, walks in the evening, laying in the sun, etc, etc. Yesterday the kids were so excited that the sun was out for a little bit. They kept bugging me and whining about someone pushing them, taking something,etc. Tyler said, "mom come see this" and I automatically assumed it was the girls doing something they shouldn't be. I told him no, that I was busy. Then when I did look he was pushing Easton on the trike and he was just laughing. I felt like the worst mother. Tyler is such a good big brother and helps me out. He unloaded the dishwasher for me yesterday for no reason. Pretty good for a seven year old boy!

We went to Riverdale tonight as a family. The kids love to swim and the girls wanted to wear their new swimsuits. I love the picture of Easton. What a ham!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

And We're Announcing.......

a new couch! Sorry if you thought it was a baby. No way! We have been talking and looking at getting a sectional for our downstairs for a long time. We just have never been able to find something that we have liked and priced right. On Monday, we actually were looking for a dresser and saw this at Palmer's. We loved the feel of it, size, and it was priced right. So, we got it. We had to wait til it came in stock and they delivered it today. It fits perfect! And it has a lifetime warranty. Even better.

The ottoman is huge! I can tell that it will make a great place for toys and kids to play on. We told the kids: no jumping, eating, or climbing on these couches. We would like to keep them nice for a long time. We'll see how long it lasts.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

disney pricesses

Last night we went to Disney princesse's on ice at the Delta Center. I had never been to one before and I thought it would be fun. We made it a girl's night and Grandma came with us. We ate at the spaghetti factory and had to hurry to get there on time. Just as we got there they had started. We were on the second row and it was nice to see everything up close. Kylie was enthralled the whole time but was quite moody to me and wouldn't let me take her picture. Kenadie watched but was kind of restless and stood up the whole time. The girls loved the bubbles that came floating down and all of the songs. Kylie insisted on wearing her snow white dress up and was just one of many, many little girls. Kenadie is not that in to dress up so she didn't want to wear her dress. It was fun and the girl's already want to go again!

Saturday, March 8, 2008


This past week has been crazy busy! I don't have any new pics to post but oh well! I have been extremely busy at work and had 45 visits this week. I usually do 30-35 and believe me, 10 visits makes a big difference. Tyler had student/teacher conferences and it went well. He is reading at a 2.6 grade level which is really good. I'm amazed at home much he has improved recently and skipped a level of books to the highest reading group. We registered Kylie for Kindergarten next year and they did a evaluation just to see what she needs to work on. She did pretty well but clammed up when it came to numbers and sounds. They had her cut a circle out and she will only cut with her left hand. She writes with her right hand and we tried to get her to cut with it but she wouldn't. Interesting. She also has a lisp and will probably need some speech therapy. All of the kids, except Easton, started swim lessons this week at the sport's academy. It was Kenadie's first time but she is doing really well. She is a dare devil and we have to watch her close or else she ends up under water. It was Kylie's second time having lessons and she actually is in the same class as Kenadie. I really like sport's academy because they go off of skill not age or how many times they've done it. It is Tyler's fourth time and he is doing so good! He can float and jump off the edge of the pool. He loves to wear his goggles and play around in the water. Poor Easton wishes he could swim with the other's but I'm sure in a year or two he'll be right along with them. Can I just say that I'm so ready for spring? I can't wait till next month when we go on our cruise. I need sun. Anyways, that's all for now.