Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Traditions

This past weekend we enjoyed doing some of our fall traditions. We went to the pumpkin walk on Saturday, then ate at Grist Mill, and home to carve pumpkins. The kids all love the pumpkin walk but were scared of the witch handing out cookies. It makes me sad to think that in only a few short years the kids probably won't be as "into" it.

I was able to get some things done on my list which included going through ALL of the kids clothes and switching them for the season. It truly horrified me to see how many clothes they have! I have been doing really good the past six months on not buying stuff but I guess I'm still finding clothes that I bought a year or two ago. I even found some things in Easton's closet that still had the tags on it! I even did some Christmas shopping! Yes, it is never early enough. I usually am almost done by now but my goal is to be done my mid November. I also am planning on FINALLY painting Kylie's room. If anyone has any cute ideas on stripes let me know. Hopefully, I will get it done this week and can post some pics. That's all for now!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


It seems like things are finally back to normal. I feel so much better than I did even a week ago and am still trying to get caught up on cleaning. Since I don't have any new pictures to post, I thought I would give just a little update on each of us.
Eric: He has been busy working at Schreiber's since it is their "busy" season. He has mandatory overtime every week but the extra money is nice. For those of you who don't know, he has a stress fracture in his right foot. It is healing though and is finally starting to feel better. He is busy watching all of the sporting events and loves his fantasy teams.
Me: I am back to work and glad to get back into the routine of things. Of course, I have a huge list of things I need to do like Christmas shopping, scrapbooking, and going through all of the kids clothes. It seems like my job is never ending, like most moms. I am very excited for the "New Moon" movie that is coming out next month and I've been reading the series over again. I also started to help in Kylie's classroom once a week with reading.
Tyler: He is our most active child. He loves school and especially math. He is in the top of his class and got invited to a math club once a week. He just finished flag football but has started basketball. He loves to play any sport and run around. He also has scouts once a week so he is a busy kid.
Kylie: She has really surprised us this year by loving school. She has really taken off in her reading. She loves taking dance and all things girl. We found out this week that she will need new tubes in her ears and will have to have surgery pretty soon.
Kenadie: She loves her new preschool and her teacher. She has also surprised us by loving her dance class once a week. She has been full of "attitude" lately and her goal is to tease Easton everyday. We are working on her behaviors and hopefully it is short lived.
Easton: I can't believe he is 3 1/2 years old! He talks constantly and is my shadow. He loves to go play at friends house and hang with the older kids. He is still obsessed with trains but has also included Spongebob and "Bolt." He is always saying funny things and keeping us on our toes.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kenadie turns 5, CornBelly's, and feeling like crap

I finally am feeling well enough to give an update on what has been happening around here. Kenadie celebrated her fifth b-day the end of September. She got her ear's pierced and got to pick a place to eat with just mom and dad. Since this was her main present, she only had one present to open on her actual birthday. She got Hello Kitty PJ's from us, a gift card from Grandma Pat, money from Aunt Niki and Grandma and Grandpa Swanson, and a savings bond from Grandpa Ray and Janine. I think she did pretty well! She is looking forward to going to Walmart to pick out something....a baby I'm sure! Our big surprise for her was a girl trip to Disneyland with our neighbor and her little girl. We made reservations for a princess character dining, ordered princess dresses, etc, etc. Kenadie was very excited and so was I! I can't believe she is fine:( I still call her my baby girl and I'm sure I will continue to do so. She is a mellow child and just kind of goes with the flow...a lot like her dad. She also is very stubborn which is a lot like dad! Here are some of her favorites right now:
Favorite Show: Biggest Loser
Favorite Movie: Coraline
Favorite Food: Ramen noodles, applesauce, torilla's
Favorite Toy: Babies, of course!
Favorite thing to do: Playing with friends, Preschool
Favorite color: Rainbow color
Drink: Sprite
Subject: making puppets
Place: funpark, San Diego
Want for Christmas: purple camera
When grow up: a mom!
She was our easiest baby and our only "unplanned" pregnancy. She loves to cuddle and gives kisses. She is very mothering, especially to Easton. She is a great helper and loves to pretend to do "mom" things. She also is getting sassy and is full of attitude lately. She says funny things and keeps us on our toes! We love her!

Over UEA weekend we went to SLC and got to see Grandma Pat and Aunt Niki surprised us! We stayed over night in a hotel which is always the kids favorite. We ate yummy food at Spaghetti Factory and then headed to Thanksgiving Point to Cornbelly's. We had never been down there so we didn't know what to expect....but it was awesome! They had so many things to do. Corn mazes, pig races, jumping pillow, paint ball shooting, slides, tractor train rides, princess area with dress up, and the list goes on and on. I think we ended up being there four or five hours and there was still plenty more we could of done. I highly recommend it! Unfortunately, my head started to hurt pretty bad but I still felt able to do everything....more on THAT later. The next day, after much deliberation, we decided to go the Museum of Natural History. I didn't know what to expect but we were so surprised! They have lots of exhibits about bugs, rocks, earth, and dinosaurs. Tyler especially loved it! He is always reading books about history, rocks, space, and dinosaurs. It was educational, affordable, and fun. My favorite was the dinosaur lab where they actually work on getting the bones out of the plaster. Very interesting. We enjoyed seeing Aunt Niki and Grandma and wish it would of lastest longer.

Now for the "feeling like crap" part. I apologize for those of you who have already heard this but since this is my journal......My head had been hurting for several weeks on and off but I was able to work, take care of kids, etc. In SLC it started to hurt bad and I was pretty sure I had another sinus infection. Coming home really bothered my head and my ears so as soon as we got home I went to Instacare. They diagnosed me with sinus infection and sent me home with some meds. Sunday (conference) it got really bad and we ended up going to ER due to the pain was so bad. My head was throbbing all of the time and started to effect my vision, appetite, etc. They did a CAT scan, labs, but everything was normal. They sent me home with 3 more meds and to come back if it got worse. That night I started throwing up and was unable to keep any liquid or food down. It got so bad that we went to ER again on Monday. They didn't know what to do with me so they sent me over to my primary doc's office. He immediately gave me a shot of antinausea/pain meds plus prescriptions for more meds. The next couple of days were a blur of laying in bed, throwing up, fever, headaches, and the worst neck pain ever. I took pain meds, antinausea meds, muscle relaxors, etc, anything to try and feel better. It took all I had just to get kids off to school, Kenadie to Preschool, and make a quick lunch. My poor husband did everything while I layed in bed. Everytime I got up my head would feel like it was going to explode and then the dizziness and throwing up would start. We were getting worried that nothing was getting better, that I hadn't ate in five days, and that I might have meningitis. Finally by Thursday, I couldn't take it anymore so we headed up to the ER for the THIRD time. They did another CAT scan, gave me some fluids, a lumbar puncture, and tried to get blood. I was so dehydrated they couldn't get any blood out of me even after two different people and being poked six times. The results: everything was normal! So frustrating! So we went home completely worn out. That night I was able to eat and feel a little better. Friday I felt quite a bit better but still not even close to normal. I couldn't even drive since I would see spots and feel dizzy. Everyday I feel maybe 10% better but not quite normal. On Friday we went to a Chiropractor and he really helped relieve the tension in my neck. I've never heard such a cracking noise....especially when he cracked my neck. Then he put these electric nodes on my neck with ice and had me lay like that for 15 minutes. Heaven! I am so thankful for all of the help that we have received. We have the BEST neighbors, friends, family,, and co workers. It helped to have dinners brought in, laundry put away, anything to help relieve Eric's load. We are especially thankful for our neighbor who came over on a moments notice to give me a Priesthood blessing. THANK YOU EVERYONE. The real bummer to this is that Kenadie and I can't go to Disneyland:( We were supposed to leave tomorrow but it's just not fair to anyone to try and go when I don't feel 100% I am thankful that Stacey and her girl are still able to go and I hope they have soooo much fun! Kenadie is being a good sport and I promised her we will go soon. I am hoping this week is much better and I can get things back in order. Sorry for the long post!