Monday, January 23, 2012

Busy Life

We had our first Christmas in Arizona this year! It was different not having any snow and 70 degree weather but a nice change. I didn't take any pics of christmas morning so these are from Kylie's new camera!

Easton got a new razor trike, cranky the train set, football,soccer ball, playdoh,etc. Kenadie got a video camera, purse with wallet,robe, movie, etc. Kylie got a mountain bike,camera, purse with wallet, etc. Tyler got a hunting wii game with guns, video game, nice basketball, etc. We just enjoyed the day together and played with toys. We left early the next day for Utah and stayed 6 days. I was nervous about going back home, I was afraid I would get homesick. We enjoyed spending time with family, visiting with friends, sledding, going to the Funpark, shopping with my sister and mom, etc. As much as I enjoyed visiting,I was ready to come back to warm weather. I realized this is home now and I really enjoy it! Since then we have been getting back into the routine of everything and am so glad the kids are back in school. Here is an update on each of us:
Eric-He still works 4 days a week,is a cub scout leader,and coaches Tyler's basketball team. He just finished his nutrition class and is a straight A student so far. He is now doing microbiology online and has at least a couple more classes before he can apply to nursing school.
Katie-I work 3 days a week, am a Beehives leader, and stay busy trying to decorate and organize this house! I recently read an awesome book called "Organized Simplicity" and I highly recommend it! It's all about decluttering and creating a simple life.Since then I have been organizing and dejunking cabinets and closets. I also am looking into going back to school to get my Bachelor's degree since it is more useful and wanted out here.
Tyler-He loves school and was recognized by his teacher and school for being a outstanding leader. He is invited to go to Washington D.C. with a group to tour the sites and learn more about leadership but I am not sure we will do it. He is on two different basketball teams,one coached by Eric and a competitive team in Gilbert. He loves to play and is obsessed!

Kylie-She loves school and activity days. She loves to play with friends and be silly. We recently found out that she has bad vision and will be getting her glasses shortly.
Kenadie-She also loves school and going to church. She loves to play with the neighbor girl who looks a lot like her! She is an awesome reader and is in advanced math. She loves to watch the boys play sports and help me cook.
Easton-What a crazy kid he is. He is playing soccer for the first time and is a natural! He has scored 14 goals in the first 4 games and the coach has to make him stay back. I don't know where his talent comes from,neither of us played soccer but we enjoy watching him. He continues to stay funny things and is a great reader.

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