Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dance Recital

The girls had their end of the year dance recital last week. It was fun to get them all dressed up and girly. They loved every minute of it! They both did really well and want to do it next year.

Don't I have the most beautiful girls?

Life has been especially crazy lately! I have been working full time at two different jobs and it has been difficult to balance everything! I am working two days a week at the wound clinic and I love it! I am still doing home health 1-2 days a week plus I just got called into scouts with my husband! Tyler is playing baseball 1-2 times a week and both girls are in Tee ball with Eric as their coach. I also am called as an activity days leader to top it off! Eric has been talking about a huge career change that would require a lot of sacrifice on our family financially and time wise. On Tuesday, I pretty much had a breakdown in front of all of my neighbors and friends. I guess when I'm stressed I don't hold it in very well! It has been hard dealing with my job change especially since I didn't see it coming! We have had to take about $1500 a month pay cut while working more hours per week and daycare costs. Just when you think life is going to get easier then you get hit with a curve ball. We have been very blessed though and I know that things will work out!

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